Fun at the Sonnseit´nweg

Uproar in the wood.

It´s happened again! That rascal Vladimir has been up to his tricks again. He has taken all the belongings of the other forest ghosts out of their hut and hidden them somewhere in the wood. Needless to say, the other ghosts want to find their household items. Can you help them to do so?

Help the forest ghosts to retrieve their things. There are ten different places where you will find a silver box containing an ink pad and rubber stamp. Stamp your ´pass´ with all then of them and when it is fully stamped you can get a reward in village. Along the path are various games for the children and resting areas for the adults. An experience for the whole family.

  • Sonnseit´nweg Path number 30
  • Ideal for children from the age of four
  • Lots of woodland activities for the children
  • Collect all ten stamps
  • You will receive your Forest Ghost Woodland walk reward when you take your completed `pass` to the tourist office, the Hotel-Restaurant Kirchenwirt Russbach or Hotel Kerschbaumer
  • Refresh yourself by the fountain and the Kneipp Pond
  • Stoney woodland track, 4,5 km, About two hours walking time

In our tour map you will find the detailed directions and a height profile.

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