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The fossils cabinet was opened in 2011 and was expanded with the help of renowned experts to a focus Museum of the Gosau time. The exhibition is located in the former reading room of the municipal office.

The design is designed not only for professionals but also for children and adult amateurs. The descriptions are informative, layman's language and provided with graphics and photos. Some showcase arrest attention by surprising and interesting details.

Focus of fossils exhibition

• fossil snails from the Russbacher Schneckenwand
• Ammonites, Nerineen snails and mussels from the Gosau time
• "Stardust" in Russbach
• Huge living image of the Gosau sea
• Observation of microfossils and thin sections through microscopes

The giant from the Pass Gschuett
2013 succeeded Prof. Dr. Fritz Seewald to get the cast of a giant ammonite from the Pass Gschuett for Russbacher fossils exhibition. The original of this primeval, about 80 million years old cephalopod, is located in the Natural History Museum in Vienna. Vienna museum taxidermists have produced in lengthy work a great cast for Russ Bach, which now adorns the domestic fossil exhibition.The "Giant of Pass Gschuett" has a diameter of 1 meter and is now already the second above-average Ammonite in the fossils show.

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