Minerals and Fossils Exhibition

Wolfgang Schwaighofer has been collecting minerals and fossils for many years.In 2012 the passionate fossil collector built a house just for his rocks.Spread over two floors, you will find not just fossilised snail shells from the surrounding area, but also a range of minerals from throughout the world.

Over time the collection has grown increasingly large. The exhibition now includes approx. 50 different kinds of minerals. The focus is on local quartzes and fluorites, from the mining area of Rotgülden in the Lungau and other areas. A large portion of the exhibition deals with fossils from the Gosau age with finds from Gosau and Russbach.

Fossil exhibition
You can marvel at Wolfgang Schwaighofer's mineral and fossil exhibition every Wednesday.
Opening hours:  Wednesday 4 pm - 7 pm or by prior arrangement over the telephone.

Wolfgang Schwaighofer
Saag 88
5442 Russbach
Phone +43 664 1904849

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