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Golling Castle Museum - 30kmfiles/russbach/upload/Logo/Icons/schlechtwetter.png
You can expect many fossils from the Mesozoic, the prepared archaeological site and lifelike replica of the dinosaur fish "Omphalosaurus Wolfi", a remarkable and unique among the up to 250 million year old fossils from the region. Among the remains of Ice Age animals is the fundus of cave bear bones from the Torrener Bear Cave and the Tennengebirge of great importance.
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Adnet marble museum - 45kmfiles/russbach/upload/Icons/schlechtwetter.png
The Marble Museum shows the origin, mining, manufacturing and transport of the Marble of Adnet. Furthermore you can discover how the marble types were integrated in roman buildings and contemporary monuments. The museum presents geological peculiarities and fossils that can be found within the marble. As Adnet has been strongly influenced by the red marble for thousands of years the museum also explains the different tools used to mine this precious stone.
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Haus der Natur - 60kmfiles/russbach/upload/Icons/schlechtwetter.png
The dinosaur hall is one of the most well-known attractions of the Haus der Natur. On display are some of the giants of prehistoric times as well as some less famous, but equally fascinating animals - either as precious fossils, high quality plaster copies or as animated, roaring life-size replicas. They are presented in combination with tasteful large-size mural paintings and three-dimensional illustrations.
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Hallstatt - 20kmfiles/russbach/upload/Icons/schlechtwetter.png
For the tracker Hallstatt, with its nearly 4,000-year-old past, offers a wide range of activities: The Celtic grave findings, the salt mine, the prehistoric museum, in a small space above the other nested houses, the churches, the cemetery with the ossuary and the "oldest pipeline world."
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Kammerhofmuseum Bad Aussee - 35kmfiles/russbach/upload/Icons/schlechtwetter.png
For over fifteen years the archaeological work Salzkammergut community promotes finds from the Bronze Age, Urnfield, Hallstatt and La Tène to Roman imperial period. The recent excavations along the mule track that led from Hallstatt by Koppen south, gave sensational results.
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