Tennengau whets the appetite! Enjoy culinary delights in the province of Salzburg and, located as it is in the region of Austria famous for its mountain cheeses and lamb, discover the specialities of the outstanding pleasure region, Tennengau. On your pleasure trip through Tennengau you will meet people dedicated to increasing your pleasure, and enjoy wonderful pleasure festivals for the whole family.

Goat Paradise Fischhofbauer -15km
From the colourful „Ziegenspitz“, the „eingelegter Knoblauchkäse“ (pickled garlic cheese), the very spezial „Schnittkäse“ (hard cheese) up to a large variety of sweet cheeses, the top cheese sommelier Johanna Wallinger makes everything (all types of cheese) from high quality organic goat milk. Numerous awards guarantee exquisite delights.
Phone +43 6463/8643

Schnitzhof - 23km
Under the motto „cheese shall be cheese“ Johann Schnitzhofer produces besides the raw milk that is left natural, only natural additives and refinement agents for his „Bergkäse“ in his „Alpine Cheese Dairy“. You can get to the Postalm on a marvellous mountain road that leads you right into the heart of one of the largest hiking areas of Europe.
Phone +43 6243 25180

Organic cheese dairy Fürstenhof Kuchl - 31kmfiles/russbach/upload/Icons/schlechtwetter.png
Niki Rettenbacher, the farmer from the Fürstenhof, swears by organic raw milk fort he top quality in cheese production since ever to achieve a maximum of taste. The basis for the cheese from the Fürstenhof is supplied by our Jersey cows – a special breed of milk cows – that produce a especially high content milk.
Phone +43 6244 6475

Stiegl´s Brauwelt - 62kmfiles/russbach/upload/Icons/schlechtwetter.png
There's nothing dry about our museum and the exhibition is not just something to look at. As the largest private brewery in Austria, we have been brewing beer in the Mozart city since 1492. We are dedicated to the highest quality and keeping traditions alive.
Phone +43 662 83871492

Farmers Market
Whether fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products or homemade bread and jams, which grows on the domestic fields and gardens can be tasted and bought directly from the farmers' markets. The local delicacies are ideal presents for your loved ones.
Abtenau - 12km – Parking area east – each Friday from 01.30am - 04.00pm
Gosau - 6km - Kollmann Hütte – each Friday from 10.00am
Bad Ischl - 32km – in front of the Lehár theatre – March to December – each Friday from 07.30am-12.30am
Salzburger Schranne - 60km - Mirabellplatz – each Thursday from 05.00am-01.00pm