Experience fossils – with the museum curator

The initiator was Dr. Fritz Seewald, who, in his honorary position as curator, continues to build up the museum's collection with great enthusiasm. The focus is on ammonites from the Snail Wall as well as nerinea, molluscs and peerless corals.

Dr. Seewald is happy to arrange fossil workshops for schoolchildren by prior arrangement. The workshop is tailored to the children's needs and offers an age-appropriate introduction to the world of fossils. Appropriate teaching materials for all school classes are also available from the curator.

Fossils up close
Related to the subjects of general science, local history, biology and geography, and easy to incorporate into project lessons. The workshop can be combined with a fossil-hunting hike. If desired, a demonstration of how to cast an ammonite in plaster of Paris can be included. In this case, every participant is given a cast as a "specialised souvenir".

Nature hikes
The hike takes you to the Rinnbergalm. During the hike you learn lots of interesting facts about geology and the plant and animal kingdoms, for example about the flesh-eating plants and poisonous snakes that are found alongside the path.

Geological forays
The particular topics that are focused on are: Gosau formations, embedded in the so-called Dachstein Nappe, typical stones, the "Glescherfindling" in Sanhof-Feld (a relict of the Ice Age), and the Russbach waterpark with its decorative rocks and the snail shell-shaped "water spiral".

Univ.Prof.i.R. Mag.Dr. Fritz Seewald
Phone +43 676 4179495

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