A visit to a museum is an ideal way for the whole family to spend the day, no matter what the weather. Discover long-forgotten worlds in the regional and Celtic museums, go in search of salt in the mines of Hallein or Hallstatt, or listen to the most famous Christmas carol in the world at the Silent Night Museum.

Heimatmuseum Arlerhof - 13kmfiles/russbach/upload/Icons/schlechtwetter.png
Das Heimatmuseum Arlerhof liegt im Abtenauer Ortsteil Au am Fuße des Tennengebirges. Das Museum zeigt einen für das Lammertal typischen Bauernhof der vorindustriellen Zeit. Die erste urkundliche Erwähnung des "Arlergutes" erfolgte im Jahr 1325. Der Hof war bis 1980 bewirtschaftet und ist seit 1982 Museum.
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Celtic museum Hallein - 42kmfiles/russbach/upload/Icons/schlechtwetter.png
The Hallein Celtic Museum is one of the largest and most important museums of Celtic history in Europe. Established in the former salt works administration building from the 17th century, along with a number of outstanding Celtic excavation findings, it is home to three original princely rooms dating back to 1756.
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Hallstatt - 20km
For the tracker Hallstatt, with its nearly 4,000-year-old past, offers a wide range of activities: The Celtic grave findings, the salt mine, the prehistoric museum, in a small space above the other nested houses, the churches, the cemetery with the ossuary and the "oldest pipeline world."
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Museum der Moderne - 60kmfiles/russbach/upload/Icons/schlechtwetter.png
The Museum der Moderne Salzburg has two buildings at two truly spectacular locations: The Rupertinum in the old town: a baroque building for new artistic concepts; The Museum on the Mönchsberg: modern art in a contemporary setting
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Silent Night Museum Hallein - 42kmfiles/russbach/upload/Icons/schlechtwetter.png
Along with the Celts and salt, Hallein is also well known as the "Silent Night" city. In the parish, former home of composer Franz Xaver Gruber, the Silent Night Museum gives an account of the origin and rise to popularity of the famous Christmas carol, "Silent night!"
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