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Ski School Russbach | Dachstein West


Kindness and professionality is what distinguishes our  Ski School Russbach. No matter if you take group lessons or individual ski lessons: A great motivated team of skilled ski instructors and a great learning terrain including an easy descent to the valley will surely lead you to success.

But before all, learning how to ski with pros is great fun! The variety of courses is great! Privat lessons, group lessons, ski courses or snowboard courses, for small children, teens or adults - beginners or advanced.

Baer loose!

Learning how to Ski with Bruno the Baer

He is extremly cuddly and you will always find him with a bag of sweets. Bruno the Baer! He is the actual star of every weekly "Baers Party", where everybody's dancing, singing, playing and laughing. All - big or small - are warmly welcome!

He is also there when every  ski course child gets it s medal and certificate, at the end of every ski course

Fascination Snow Sports

From your first Descent to your first Freeride Tour

Every week the ski school Russbachs offers a great variety of Workshops.  Learn how to ski in deep powder snow, go down tricky descents, try your first Snowboard Kicks or try ski mountaineering. Maybe you can find the perfect match for you!  

Offer of Courses Ski School Russbach | Dachstein West


Skikindergarten Skigebiet Dachstein West

Skikindergarten (from age 3+)

Our skikindergarten is the right course for children who will be standing on skis for the first time, and are not up to doing a whole day. Their first attempts on skis will be accompanied by many games and playing in the snow. Juice and biscuits are provided to help keep energy levels up.

  • lessons start every Monday (please enrol one day before)
  • duration 09.45 – 11.45
  • cookies & tea included for a small break
  • bears party every week
  • ski race with winner ceremony on Friday (every child gets a certificate and a medal!)

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Childrens Ski Lessons (4 years +)
Skikindergarten Skigebiet Dachstein West

Childrens Ski Lessons (4 years +)

It is all happening in here in Russbach in Skiarea Skiregion Dachstein West! Learning to ski with Bruno Bär and our motivated children's instructors is a lot of fun and can be done in no time. After a short time, the beginners will be skiing on our excellent training ground with it´s magic carpet and platelift. Children who are at a higher skiing level explore all the slopes of the Dachstein West ski area and ski to Gosau and Zwieselalm.

  • Course starts every Monday (Registration up to one day in advance)
  • every week: Bear's party, safety-day, ski race & winner ceremony

Skicourses 2020/21: 3 hour-program

snacks & drinks included
duration from 09.45 - 12.45
from 11.01. - 22.01. & 08.03. - 26.03.: 09.30 - 12.30
from 25.01. - 29.01.: 09.00 - 12.00


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Teen Freeride from 10 years
Skikurse für Teenager Dachstein West | Skischule Russbach

Ski Lessons for Teenagers

Black Pirates Ski Gang (from 10 years+)

The "Black Pirates Ski Gang" is our group for teenagers, who are already really good skiers and want  to explore our ski area with their peers and a cool instructor.  In addition to the perfect carving technique, the program also includes freestyle and freeride. In the Rookiepark in Rußbach, we find the best conditions to try out our first tricks. Further on we have small kickers, straight box, rainbow box and much more in Gosau and in Snowpark Dachstein West .

  • course starts every Monday in peak season (registration up to one day in advance)
  • PLEASE NOTE: course duration this year from 09.45 - 12.45
  • safetytraining every week, ski race on request

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Group Ski Lessons for Adults
Skikkurse für Erwachsene - Skischule Russbach | Dachstein West

Group Ski Lessons for Adults

Learning skiing in a group!

Beginners or slightly advanced skiers (max. level blue slopes) make progress in our small groups.

  • course starts every Monday (for Christmas holidays this may be differ)
  • registration up to one day in advance
  • course times from 09.45 - 11.45
  • minimum of participants: 4 people


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Snowboard Lessons
Snowboardkurse Skischule Russbach | Dachstein West

Group lesson for snowboarders

Learning Snowboarding for children, teenagers & adults

It's all about the style! Snowboarding is possibly the coolest way to move in winter.
We will show you what you need for your snowboard career! As a beginner you learn the basics and with your new friends you can explore the Dachstein West ski region just after a few days. Advanced snowboarders can improve their style and have a lot of fun in the Snowpark Dachstein West.

  • Rookie: beginner course - the aim is to learn turning and your first easy tricks
  • Cruiser: for advanced riders, first carving, freestyle on the slope and fun park
  • course starts every Monday  (Peak season only; additional starting days during christmas holidays and on demand)
  • Registration up to one day before
  • course duration from 09.45 – 12.45 (ATTENTION: program change due to Covid-19, therefore no full-day courses this season, more information here)
  • minimum of participants: 4 people
  • for children aged 9+, teenagers & adults

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Privatstunden Skischule Russbach | Dachstein West


Die individuellste Form des Unterrichts

Mit einem Privatlehrer lernen Sie schnell und sicher. Sie bestimmen Zeit und Treffpunkt und schon geht's los! Das Tempo und die Hilfsmittel werden ganz individuell auf Ihre Bedürfnisse abgestimmt. Das ermöglicht große Fortschritte in kurzer Zeit. Allein oder mit Partner - unsere bestens ausgebildeten SkilehrerInnen in der Skiregion Dachstein West sind gerne für Sie da! Wählen Sie aus folgendem Angebot:

  • Skibasic - für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene
  • Carving
  • Buckelpiste
  • Tiefschnee/Freeride
  • Freestyle
  • Rennlauf
  • Snowboard
  • Skitouren
  • Schneeschuh

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Wöchentliche Workshops
Workshops Skikurse Snowboardkurse Skitouren

Wochenprogramm für Skifahrer und Snowboarder

  • kompakter Gruppenkurs - 2,5 Std. nachmittags
  • Kurszeit jeweils von 12.30 - 15.00 Uhr
  • Anmeldung bis einen Tag vorab
  • Mindestteilnehmeranzahl: 4 Personen
  • Preis: EUR 58,-   






Meine erste Talabfahrt


Mit Skilehrer zum ersten Mal die Talabfahrt vom Horn bewältigen - die richtige Technik und eine perfekte Spur helfen! Anforderungen: sicheres und flüssiges Befahren von blauen Pisten




Weg mit dem Pflug


Schön Skifahren: In der richtigen Position übernimmt der Ski die Kurvenarbeit - paralleles Lösen sieht toll aus und ist weniger anstrengend! Anforderungen: sicheres Befahren von roten Pisten




Dynamic Turn


Das "Carven" entlang der Kanten und die sportliche Kurveneinleitung stehen auf dem Programm; Radiusverkürzung führt zum Kurzschwingen. Anforderungen: sicheres paralleles Skifahren mit sportlichen Ambitionen




Erste Skitour


Earn your turn! Schnupperskitour mit leichtem Aufstieg im Nahbereich der Piste, richtiger Umgang mit dem Skitourenequipment. Anforderungen: sicheres paralleles Skifahren






für Funpark-Einsteiger auf Ski oder Snowboard - Treffpunkt beim Snowpark Dachstein West






Snowboard Schnupperkurs für große und kleine Anfänger ab 8 Jahren







Skischule Russbach
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Baers Party


Ski School Russbach
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