Go on a treasure hunt

Russbach has with the Schneckenwand a significant and world-famous locality for fossils.

The Snail Wall
The snail wall is situated on the southern slope of the Gamsfeld at an altitude of around 1,200 m. The circuit takes you along the forest track towards Neuam. After about 3 km the path branches off to the left. You pass a wild game feeding station, and after a total of about 1 1/2 hours you will reach the Snail Wall. The fossil deposit site is to the immediate right of the forest track. The Snail Wall never fails to impress with its massive outcropping of Russbach snails, mainly of the genus trochataeon, and other fossils. You can get a clear view of the fossilised snails on the surface laid bare of the humus layer. Digging and blasting are strictly forbidden! The homeward path leads you through a sparse mountain forest to the Fallenegg farm. Return to the village centre along the road.

Treasure hunt at the river
, 9.30 am
Search and you will surely find a little treasure. The goal of the walk is the snail wall where you can not only discover amazing tracks from the past, but also enjoy a wonderful view. What to bring with you: sun and rain protection, sturdy shoes, water bottle and a small snack
Duration: about 4 hours, including walking time 2.5 hours for children aged 6 years;
Free, return approximately 01.00-02.00 pm. Adult € 22,00 children € 12,00 (for guests in Russbach € 17,00 kids € 7,00) registration and Infos: Betty Jehle +43 650 6366177 www.betty-jehle.at

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