Internet adventure

Free WiFi access throughout Russbach

Smartphones, iPads and computers are no longer simply electronic aids for our jobs – they also add to our enjoyment whilst on holiday and are the perfect way to plan holidays and outings. You can use them to let all your Facebook friends know that you are well and happy!

You can also make use of all the practical apps, surf the web and send e-mails whilst on holiday. Smartphone owners can keep their loved ones up to date with holiday snaps and experiences for free, send photos, log on to social networks and use their favourite apps. And all of this with no nasty roaming charges.

Use of the WiFi network is very straightforward. Access to the network is unrestricted for the first 10 minutes. After that you just need to enter the password to sign in. Once signed in, you always stay online. You receive the password with your guest card.


  • Village centrum
  • Water Park Russbach
  • Valley Station Hornbahn
  • Mountain Station Hornbahn
  • Snowpark Dachstein West

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