Water fun and leisure activites

Experience daily from May to September recreation and adventure in the water park Russbach. Children love to play stream, natural pool with waterfall and slide, or a trip to the Children's canoe route. For sustenance is provided in Seestüberl for you.

All natural and biological water fun
The big natural swimming pool with its impressive water fall, the various diving platforms and a modern water slide offers fun for the whole family. The natural pool is operated fully biological and is free of chlorine and other chemical additives. The cleaning is done by plants that are integrated in a sophisticated and elegant way, hence the “swimming pool” is well suited to be used by persons with sensitive skin and allergies.
Price list natural swimming pool

Water fun & laughing kinds
The town of Russbach which is accessible to all visitors: has now a magnificent new attraction at no charge. Te adventure and outdoor Water Park! All summer long the park offers an outstanding activity programme for it´s visitors but especially for families. Amongst many here are just views highlights: The most popular are the canoe course and the play creek for kids with water wheels and dams.

Kneipp at the water park
For real refreshment, the Kneipp facility ensures the water park Russbach. Whether treading water or diving arm, here you find the best cooling for hot summer days in Salzburg´s village.

Nordic walking tours through Russbach
Discover the various Nordic walking tours in Russbach. Starting from the water park, you can choose from easy circular walks up to mountain pastures and alpine hikes.