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Go on a Treasure Hunt!


Russbach has a well known fossil site in the "Schneckenwand" (snail wall). The fountain in the village square is fully made of fossil stones. The bubbling brooks around the village bring all sorts of snail stones and fossilized corals with them.

Russbach is not only famous well beyond it's borders for it's fossil snail stones, but also rich in ressources, that gain more and more meaning in our fast-paced time: untouched nature and warm hospitability. There is a wealth of "treasures" waiting for you in Russbach, that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Little Museum in Russbach

Fossil Gallery

The focus is on the most important fossil groups from the surrounding region of Abtenau-Gosau-Russbach: Russbach snails, rudist bivalves, bivalve molluscs, coral and ammonites. At the centre are the two giant ammonites. The giant ammonite from Pass Gschütt, which measures 1 metre across, is a cast of the original kept at the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

Open during the opening hours of the tourist board Russbach. Guided tours for individuals, groups and students with museum curator Mag. Dr. Fritz Seewald, Univ. Prof.

Tel. +43 676 4179495 | E-Mail:

Fossil Hike

Treasure Hunt in the Valley of Fossils

Let’s go to the valley of the fossils. This roundtrip is about 8 km long, past three sites where we can find brain corals, mushroom corals and much more. A visit to the fossil cabinet in Russbach allows us to understand the geological findings of this area. Nice hike for young and old (from 6 years) to the snail wall. Bring snacks and drinks, good shoes and a lot of patience.

Information and Registration: Betty Jehle
Tel. +43 (0) 650 63 66 177 |

Start: 9:30 am
Meeting Point: Tourist Office Russbach 
Suitable for: children of 6 years and older
Duration: 5 hours
Walking time: 2 hours
Prices: Adults 22 € | Children 6 - 14 years old 12 €

Satisfy your Thirst for Knowledge while Hiking

Natural History Hike

The hike leards to the rustic mountain cabin "Rinnbergalm". During the hike, you will find out interesting facts about the geology, fauna and flora, such as carnivorous plants and venomous snakes near the wayside.

Geological expeditions

The special thematic topics are: Gosauformations, embedded into the so-called Dachsteindecken, typical rock types, the glacier boulder, in the Sanhof meadow (a relic of the ice age), as well as Russbach's water park with it's decorative stones and the snail-shaped "water spiral".

Univ.Prof.i.R. Mag.Dr. Fritz Seewald
Tel. +43 (0)676 4179495

Minerals and Fossil Exhibition

House of 1000 Stones

Every Friday, you can admire the mineral and fossil exhibition of Wolfgang and Norbert Schwaighofer. In the newly built exhibition room, you can find not only fossilized snail stones, but also minerals from around the world. Visit the exhibition every Friday from 16.00 to 19.00 o'clock, or through registration by phone.

Wolfgang und Norbert Schwaighofer
Saag 88
5442 Russbach
Tel. +43 664 75011558

Hike and Experience the History of Earth

Hikes to the Fossil Site "Schneckenwand"

The circular trail to the Schneckenwand "Snail Wall" leads along a gravel road in the direction of the pasture "Neualm". Starting point is on the left hand side of the Hotel Kerschbaumer. After approx. 3 km at the junction turn left. You will pass a feeding point for game and after 1,5 hours you will find the Schneckenwand. After a short piece that leads you through the forest you will get to the farm "Fallneck". Then follow the road down to the village. The "Schneckenwand" is full of fossils of the 'Russbach Snail' the Trochactaeon or other fossils. You can clearly see the fossils but it is forbidden to dig or damage the 'Schneckenwand'.

Tipp! In Summer our Guide Betty Jehle offers a guided hike every Thursday.
Time: 9.30 am at the tourist board in Russbach.
Duration: approx. 5 hours. - (walking time 2 hours) - from 6 years - return at approx 3 pm
Adults € 22,00 - Children € 12,00 - (for Russbach guests - adults € 17,00 and children € 7,00)
Book: +43 650 6366177

Exhibitions for Geology Fans

Enjoy countless possibilities to spend an active vacation in the beautiful region Dachstein West, the Tennengau and the Salzkammergut! Exhibitions for Geology Fans.

Museum Fortress Golling - 30km

Many fossils from the Mesozoic, the lifelike replica of the aquatic dinosaur "Omphalosaurus Wolfi", a unique find among the up to 250 million years old fossils from the region await you. Among the remains of ice age animals, the find of cave bear bones from the bear cave of Torren and the Tennengebirge Mountain Group is of great significance.

Tel. +43 664 5321270

Marble Museum Adnet - 45km

In the Marble Museum, the formation, the extraction and the processing and transport of marble is documented. Diverse types of marble, fossils and the usage of these valuable types of rocks in roman buildings and today's monuments are explained clearly. Archeological finds from Adnet as well as stonecutter and stone carving utensils show the history of the town.

Tel. +43 6245 84041

House of Nature Salzburg - 60km

A great exhibition for young and old alike is the dinosaur hall of the museum. Here you can admire both the giants of prehistoric times and lesser known prehistoric animals - in the form of priceless original fossils, high-quality casts or as moving, roaring and life-sized replicas.

Tel +43 662 842653-0

Hallstatt - 20km

For those following traces of ancient times, Hallstatt with it's almost 4.000 year old past offers a broad range of activities and exhibitions: the celtic grave findings, the salz mines, the prehistoric museum, the architecture of houses closely nested atop each other, the churches, the graveyard with the ossuary and the "oldest pipeline of the world".

Tel +43 6134 8208

Kammerhofmuseum Bad Aussee - 35km

For almost one and a half decade, the archeological committee of the Salzkammergut brings finds of the Copper age, Urnfield-, Hallstatt- and Latène periods until the days of the roman empire to light. The most recent excavations near the mule track that used to connect Hallstatt to the south, delivered sensational results.

Tel. +43 676 83622553