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Games & Fun in the Ghost Forest


It´s happened again! That Vladimir the forest fright has been up to his tricks again. He has taken all the belongings of the other forest ghosts out of their hut and hidden them somewhere in the wood. Needless to say, the other ghosts want to find their household items. Can you help them to do so?

Help the forest ghosts retrieve their things. There are ten different places where you will find a silver box containing an ink pad and rubber stamp. Complete your pass with all 10 stamps, and you will be awarded a medal in the village. Along the way there are many games and playgrounds for children with resting areas for adults, making it a wonderful experience for the whole family.

  • Sonnseit'nweg path number 30, stoney woodland track, 4,5 km long, About 2 hours of walking time
  • Ideal for hiking with children from the age of 4, suitable for all-terrain strollers
  • Lots of fun for children with a bowling game, boat building, many forest ball tracks, building a ghost house and a refreshing Kneipp pond
  • You can pick up your ghost medal at these locations: Tourist Information Office Russbach, Hotel Kerschbaumer, Autohaus Schwaighofer, grocery store Russbach


Experience Report: A Day in the Ghost Forest

Today we are visiting the Ghost Forest. I'm already very excited to find out what awaits me! Is it spooky? What are the forest ghosts up to? What do they look like? To be honest, I'm not really thrilled to go hiking, but I'm still curious, what this Ghost Forest is.


We arrive at a parking lot from which we hike upwards along a river. There are plenty of wild flowers, where I can see lots of bees. I go to the river and throw a few stones into it. The sound of rushing water is so beautiful, that i sit down for a while to look at the river.

Forest Bowling & Ghost Water

After about 10 minutes we have reached the starting point of the Ghost Forest. Here we also find a box full of stamp passes, where we kids each take one. And off to the first game in the forest - Forest Bowling. We put the cones into the right position and try our luck. It really is fun! Now we have to go find "Egbert of Rinnbach". He watches over the brook and makes sure that no one finds the entry to the underwater lake. Soon we have found him, and we get to stamp the first stamp. Shortly after we find the "Ghost Water". Great name! "Mooses van der Quellen" shows the forest ghosts how to build boats and rafts. Naturally, we join in and build a boat! I haven't done that in a while. The forest offers us everything we need - tree bark, sticks, leaves. The nymph Spuklinde will take good care of our boats.

Building Forest Huts and Forrest Grump

We arrive at a stone marble run. Here we play with stones, which requires quite a bit of dexterity - the stones hop out of the track otherwise. Our next big task is building a hut for the forest ghosts. We get to work and collect sticks to build on to the forest ghost village. Together, we build a great tipi, take a seat in it and enjoy a nice hiking snack. Of course we build a "floor" out of moss, so it's nice and comfortable.

After we have relaxed a bit, we move on- oh, i didn't even realize that we were hiking. Now we meet computer freak "Forrest Grump". Here we can find the next stamp in his hotel for flying and crawling forest fairies.

Art in the Forest

Past the forest ghost in the bathtub we find the art workshop of the artist Andy Woodhole. There are already many great works of art made by other kids. Of course, we want to get creative too! Again, using the materials of the forest, we get to work. A pretty flower, or a little house. Everyone has their own idea, and we have earned a stamp too. After a nice time getting creative, we lie in the hammock for a bit. That's very nice, lying there and looking up to see only trees and sky - how beautiful!

Where did Findnix put his bed?

The path leads past fields and again and again we get to see the beautiful moutnains. Now we have to help Findnix find his bed. High up in the air we discover it - as well as the stamp! There we can also find the wishing tree, where we throw some pine comes into it and make a wish. It's gotten warm, and it's not hard to guess what we kids want :-). Among the wind ghosts, we find the last stamp and hike past pretty horses and back down to the town Russbach. We show our stamp passes to the Tourist Information Office and get pretty Ghost Forest Medals, because we conquered all the stations fearlessly!

Russbach has a great water park with a canoe run for kids. We try it out, and with that our wish came true.

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Enjoy countless ways to spend an active vacation in the beautiful region Dachstein West, the Tennengau and the Salzkammergut!